New from Svendingtray

Alternative for grid partition

A cosmetics firm made an enquiry for a vending tray to sample three of their perfumes.
Svendingtray offered a tray where the bottles were held in position by dividers fixed to the bottom of the tray.

vendingtray for perfume
Medium vending tray in black mdf, with small dividers

Svendingtray now offer trays in muliple colours of plywood:

New material for Svendingtray
Large whitewash plywood vending tray with engraved and stained logo

Bready via Pepperminds/Marij regelt

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Full colour vending trays

This is the first test for a new technique to make full colour vending trays.

Vending tray with inter changable front, removable contoured picture in the rear, a slot to receive business cards and a collecting bin below.


De Koolputten buikbak in zwart mdf
Vending tray in varnished black mdf, with instert for fries, and v-carved logo.

New standard sizes
Vending trays are now available in three standard sizes, S, M en L:

Small, 380x280x60 mm
Medium, 480x380x60 mm
Large, 580x480x60 mm

Increased rear height
Vending trays can now be made with a rear panel with an increased height and...

4- en 6-fold partitions

The 4 fold partition requires slots to be cut in to the tray, the 6-fold partition does not.
More partitions may be made available on request.